Blending the experiences taken over from earlier generations with today’s agricultural technologies on an area of 23 hectares, Kemal Bey Range successfully continues the production of table olives and olive oil. With harvesting methods that minimize the damage to olives and with a planning that minimizes the time between harvest and olive oil extraction, the production is realized in a way that is healthy and compatible with nature.

It is our greatest pleasure to express our gratitude to our land by giving the name of our valley to the golden green olive oil that we produce on the hillside of KAZDERE where our farm is located.

We have the luck of living in the unique geography of Urla (Vourla), which was once Klozemenai, one of the 12 cities of ancient Ionia, the center of science and art as well as the homeland of Anaxarogas, the teacher of Socrates. It was the homeland of philosophy where people in the past lived in harmony with the world surrounded by unspoiled beauties. We fulfill our responsibilities through our struggle of keeping our olive groves alive by preserving them.