Designed by Belgian architect Thierry Wolf * Kemal Bey Range & Hotel is where respect for nature, history and culture materialise…A unique place… where 19th century cisterns and wells are restored and efficiently utilised… where handpicked olives are transformed into olive oil using nothing but traditional methods…


Kemal Bey Range & Hotel is dedicated to preserve the spectacular nature and untouched beauty for future generations to enjoy. Treated wastewater is reused for irrigation. Rain and spring water is collected in underground tanks and ancient cisterns for arid summers… Instead of chemicals, we use our horse manure for agriculture as its quite adequate as organic fertiliser. 


* Horse-riding facility planning and design specialist Thierry Wolf rode for the Belgian National Squad in the Three Days Event discipline for long years. Married to international rider Pascale Trenker, Wolf has also managed Waterloo- Country Riding Club, Horses Valley and J. Lindstraat stables in Brussels. Wolf has three daughters, Vanessa, Melody and Alicia - all passionate riders competing in show jumping.

Considered as the best European stables training horses and riders for international events FrançiosMathy Riding Centre, La Petite Bilande Stable, Buissoniere Stable and Jerome Guery Stable are only some of the equestrian facilities developed by Thierry Wolf.

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